Our mission

“Scout for the best helper to address and execute real needs.”

Every family is unique. No two households are identical. Perhaps you have kids to take care of. They may be kindergarteners or teenagers. Or you have elders to look after with varying health conditions or mobility. You may be a busy professional who needs someone to manage the daily household chores while you focus on what you are good at. Maybe you are a public figure whereby privacy and discretion are of utmost importance.

Here’s where we come in.  

Here’s where we come in.  


Considering different cultural backgrounds, we offer a portfolio of domestic helpers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Bangladesh to match real needs.


After assessing your family’s requirements, we hone down to no more than 3 candidates. Imagine the time saved and the relief of selection because we’ve done all the hard work beforehand.


We have a solid team with more than 20 years of domestic helper agency experience in Hong Kong.  


We take care of everything from the moment you engage our services. We start our scouting, then selection and deal with pre-arrival issues such as training, documentations, insurance, medical check-ups, vaccinations. As well as post-arrival services including meet and greet, first-night stay and finally our agent who will accompany the helper to your door.


A dedicated relationship manager is assigned to check on and provide advice on any issues the helper or client may have with regular follow-up calls and messages. We aim to make every new transition to a new employment as smooth as possible.


As our client, you get access to benefits within the HKPE community.


  • Guidance on local customs and important issues for new domestic helpers to Hong Kong
  • Information on where your helper can shop for daily groceries in places you can trust
  • Offers and discounts at local markets, stores, and affiliated merchants.
  • Information on the latest children programmes such as tennis academy, football club etc.
  • Consultation and advice on old age care and other needs
  • Other assistance specific to your household or home

Our mission

“Scout for the best helper to address and execute real needs.”